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Welcome to Guest Book. You can give your opinions, inputs and feedbacks about this website by making an entry in the guest book. Your feedbacks will help us improve information in this site. Do feel free to suggest reference to other useful Sanskrit related sources, that we can add in our pages.

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Message Title: want to learn sanskrit
Message#: 1004 Date: Friday, March 4, 2022 -- 11:10:16 PM
Guest's Name: ramita sharma
Guest's Address: Not Disclosed Country:
Guest's Email: Not Disclosed
Refered Website:

I want to learn Sanskrit.I know hindi well but have never studies sanskrit.I want to know how to start

Message Title: dhanyavaadaha
Message#: 1003 Date: Thursday, February 24, 2022 -- 8:33:50 PM
Guest's Name: Latha
Guest's Address: Not Disclosed Country:
Guest's Email: Not Disclosed
Refered Website:

Ji, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation of vibhakthis. It really helps me to understand. God bless!

Message Title: Indica Courses
Message#: 1001 Date: Thursday, February 10, 2022 -- 6:46:21 AM
Guest's Name: Indica Courses
Guest's Address: Not Disclosed Country:
Guest's Email: Not Disclosed
Refered Website:

Indica Courses is a platform for lifelong learners who share their belief in the transformative power of timeless indigenous wisdom. They create and curate online courses across multiple disciplines of global indigenous knowledge systems. Contact Indica Courses today!

Message Title: Guestbook Moderation Process Re-activated
Message#: 945 Date: Sunday, February 21, 2021 -- 12:26:25 PM
Guest's Name: team
Guest's Address: Bhubaneswar, Odisha Country: India
Guest's Email:
Refered Website:

Welcome to

On SAMSKRUTAM portal the "guestbook" has remained an important medium of communication enabling us receive feedback from readers and act on the same; and it will remain so for days to come.

In the spirit of open and ease communication, for long, the moderation process was suppressed, so that readers' posts appear immediately in the guestbook. Unfortunately, it has been observed that spammers keep posting unsolicited and inappropriate posts; which not only drowns the genuine feedback from readers, but also degrades the sanctity of the SAMSKRUTAM online platform.

To safeguard against such unwelcome entries getting automatically posted, we are re-activating the moderation process. With this, readers may experience a gap of a day or two before their entries are visible in the guestbook.

Please do continue sharing your feedback through this guestbook and email, as you have been over the years.

Message Title: Volunteer Content Writers
Message#: 763 Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 -- 3:56:55 AM
Guest's Name: SAMSKRUTAM - Sanskrit & Indology Foundation
Guest's Address: Bhubaneswar, Odisha Country: India
Guest's Email:
Refered Website:

SAMSKRUTAM is in need of volunteers who can write content on wide range topics on Sanskrit-and-Indic subject and help build the envisaged online knowledge repository. This being a volunteer request, it is well suited for students who are persuing MA/BA/Kovida/etc., in Sanskrit, and would like to share their knowledge on the subject by writing for the portal.

To know more about the type of content being written please read Write for SAMSKRUTAM page.

The names of volunteers alongwith their content contributions will be mentioned in the Content Creators page of the SAMSKRUTAM portal. If you would like to be part of this initiative, please email at

Message Title: Sanskrit Discussion Forum
Message#: 642 Date: Sunday, November 18, 2012 -- 6:27:43 AM
Guest's Name: Biswajit Dash - बिश्वजित् दाश
Guest's Address: Bhubaneswar, Odisha - भुवनेस्वर, ओडिशा Country: India - भारत
Guest's Email:
Refered Website:

Welcome to

We are pleased to introduce Sanskrit Discussion Forum. If you wish, you can visit this and register your email and become a member of the forum. This can be accessed from the link - Discussion Forum.

Over the years, since the day of inception in 2005, the need of a collaborative forum for all Sanskrit readers had been sincerly felt. Though we do have this Guest Book to accept views, feedback, and queries; it was not possible for readers to participate in any collaborative discussion.

With this newly introduced "Sanskrit Discussion Forum", we hope to build a larger group of readers which can come together online and share/discuss on Sanskrit, which will help bring Sanskrit to our daily life.

While the Discussion Forum will provide a platform for knowledge sharing and discussions, this Guest Book will continue to accept your feedback, queries etc.

! ! ! Happy Knowledge Sharing & Discussion ! ! !

Message Title: Sanskrit Crossword Puzzles
Message#: 76 Date: Friday, November 07, 2008 -- 10:40:04 AM
Guest's Name: team
Guest's Address: Bhubaneswar, Orissa Country: India
Guest's Email:
Refered Website: - Sanskrit Crosswrod Puzzle

Welcome to

In our continuing effort to spread Sanskrit we are happy to introduce the Sanskrit version of famous word game Crossword Puzzles. We have started with puzzles covering different themes, along with their solutions. The puzzles can be accessed at - Crossword Puzzles.

You can also contribute crossword puzzles. We will check those for correctness and publish along with your name. While authoring few rules are to be followed. The rules are listed in the puzzle page. For submitting a puzzle or for any queries please write to us at

! ! ! Happy Puzzle Solving ! ! !

Message Title: Learn Sanskrit Online - Test, Dictionary, Shloka, Stories, Grammar
Message#: 29 Date: Monday, May 19, 2008 -- 1:01:39 PM
Guest's Name: team
Guest's Address: Bhubaneswar, Orissa Country: India
Guest's Email:
Refered Website:

Welcome to In our continuing effort to spread Sanskrit we have included the following online features in our website. These will help learning Sanskrit easily, and are free to use.

Online Test: You can undergo online-tests to test your knowledge on Sanskrit grammar, literature and shloka. Each test will list a set of 20 randomly selected objective type questions for you to answer. On completion, the result is displayed immediately, along with detailed answers. Each such test is given an unique Test Id and we preserve all such test sessions for your reference. Using the Test Id you can view your earlier tests. You can undergo any number of online-tests. (Online Test)

Online Dictionary: 5000+ words for day-to-day use, collected from different sources are in the dictionary. You can search words as Sanskrit-English, English-Sanskrit and ITRANS-Sanskrit. More words are being added to the dictionary. (Online Dictionary)

Online Shloka: A collection of shlokas and mantras are in the "Shloka" section, categorised as Chanakya Neeti, Subhattiam, Peace Mantras and Mantras. More such shlokas are being collected. (Shloka Collection)

Online Grammar: Basic Sanskrit grammar has been detailed in "Grammar &amp; Tutorial" section. Content for advanced grammar is being written. (Online Grammar Tutorial)

ASP.NET Web Service: We have exposed the Online Dictionary and Shloka as web services. If you are building any Sanskrit Software, these web services can be consumed to get the data from data repository. (ASP.NET Web Service&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;Service WSDL)

Besides these we have different pages for literature, stories, Sanskrit website links, book publishers etc. We keep on adding more contents, to cover different aspects of Sanskrit language and literature. So, do keep visiting the different sections.

Message Title: Email from 'Himanshu R Pota'
Message#: 2 Date: Sunday, May 07, 2006 -- 4:58:26 AM
Guest's Name: team on behalf of 'Himanshu R Pota'
Guest's Address: Not Disclosed Country: Australia
Guest's Email: Not Disclosed
Refered Website:

Following email was received from 'Himanshu R Pota', which we thought of posting here. We appreciate the message in Sanskrit.

नमो नमः|
संस्कृतशिक्षणाय भवन्तः जाल-पत्रः ( अतीव सुन्दरः अस्ति| भवद्भ्यः अस्माकं शुभकामनाः| मम आशा अस्ति भवतां जाल-पत्रः अस्मान् चिरकालपर्यन्तं संस्कृतं शिक्षयिष्यति|

अहमपि संस्कृतशिक्षणस्य प्रयासं करोमि | तत् प्रयासं पश्यन्तु

विशेषरूपे मम नित्यवाक्यानि पश्यन्तु

तत्र मासस्य पत्रे नित्यवाक्यानि सन्ति| उदाहरणतः

मम सर्वस्य जालपत्रस्य सूची अस्ति

धन्यवादाः, त्रुटयः क्षमध्वम्|


हिमांशु पोटा
केन्बरा, औस्ट्रेलिया

Message Title: First Entry - प्रथमः आवलि
Message#: 1 Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 -- 7:45:06 AM
Guest's Name: Biswajit Dash - बिश्वजित् दाश
Guest's Address: Bhubaneswar, Orissa - भुवनेस्वर, ओडिशा Country: India - भारत
Guest's Email:,
Refered Website:

Greetings, Welcome to

Here you will find useful information on Sanskrit language and literature. Please give us your inputs and feedbacks, so that we can improve our contents.

Also if you know of any useful sources related to Sanskrit, please let us know. We will try to include those in our reference pages.

Creative Commons License Except where otherwise noted, this work by SAMSKRUTAM is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You can copy, distribute, transmit, adapt, and make use of the work (including commercial); with attribution of this work to SAMSKRUTAM.

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